With over 30 years in the business we provide our customers with unique concepts, advanced uniform solutions, more opportunities and a long term business relationship by maintaining quality assurance, great customer service and integrity. We don't just provide our customers a simple uniform range, we give them what they want. We fit out our customers staff from head to toe as well as all their PPE gear and promotional products. We understand the needs of our customers and do what we can to fulfill their requirements.

Want to RE-BRAND your company image? We are here to help!

We understand that customer service is a major role in building long lasting relationships. Your staff are our customers. We can offer your organization services like on site fittings and individually packed uniforms for your staff! Saving you the hassle of organizing them.We live by our strong values and apply these every day. We make sure you aren’t just another customer. We offer our customers that extra attention they need to have a hassle free uniform experience whilst getting the best price.


Comfortable and happy staff means productivity will rise in the work place, we know this! If there is a better solution for your uniform range, we will supply it. We know that there is always room for improvement no matter what industry you work in, so we constantly train our staff for new products, new ideas and always implement new systems to make sure your uniform is received in full on time.


Your time is valuable to us and your staff are valuable to you. We understand this completely and we understand that as every company, you have changing needs. We do everything we can to work with you side by side, this involves meetings, presentations and sampling. We can provide our customers on site fittings for their staff for uniforms and work boots to an individual ordering system. If your brand needs a revamp, we can provide you with fresh ideas and updated garments for the current trends.


We strive to provide the best quality for our customers from their uniform to their PPE. We are always available and ready to talk, this includes feedback and constant communication about what is working and what isn’t with our customers uniform and what we can do to resolve the issue. We don’t just sit back and relax, we are working every day to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality of garments there are with the best price we can provide.


Our integrity is demonstrated by maintaining our ethical conduct and uncompromising values. Our team is growing more than ever and we train our staff on a regular basis to always keep our values in check. Our commitment is to provide the best quality, service, products and innovative ideas whilst having a competitive price.


We successfully tendered to provide uniforms for a well known registered not for profit organisation who is a leading service provider to the residential aged care and community care sectors in NSW. Their uniform package contains competitive pricing and a customized service for over 900 staff. A monthly uniform fitting is provided so all new staff at one site so they all have a the chance to look at the uniform range and have access to the correct sizing. Our staff are there the whole day to help their staff with any questions they have. An annual fitting is also conducted on over 10 individual sites to make sure every staff member has been reached. A customized online portal was also introduced to give them a better uniform management and shopping experience. With the ease of access to their uniform range, their staff actively self purchase uniforms. If you would like to know more about our uniform management system and our online portal, please contact us. One of our larger clients suddenly advised us to provide a completely new uniform range in the security industry for a major contract they had just obtained. This was from shirts, jackets and pants all requested within 6 weeks delivery. We work closely with our customer and provide pre-production samples within 2 weeks. A complete uniform range rolled out to hundreds of the guards in the 6 weeks time frame. Our client provided us with what they were looking for and we provided it. Our team works together to get things to you in time.